2023 International Graduate Research symposium successfully held

On October 29th, 2023, ULIS-VNU held the 2023 International Graduate Research Symposium (2023 IGRS) with the participation of nearly 500 researchers and scholars.

This is an annual activity of the University to encourage research activities at the graduate level, creating opportunities to meet, exchange, and publish research for graduate students.

Delivering his speech at the opening ceremony, Vice President Lam Quang Dong believed that the symposium would continue its tradition and created a forum for graduate students and Ph.D. students to share, exchange and discuss research, and at the same time receive comments and suggestions to improve the quality of research in future works and develop the academic community.

In the plenary session, 4 papers were delivered by keynote speakers. And, more than 112 papers and 1 discussion session took place in 11 parallel sub-committees. Each paper consists of a new perspective, a new research data.

The 2023 IGRS ended and achieved many successes after an active and exciting day. Through this, many students and researchers were able to approach and listen to many different research issues and gain new knowledge as well as supplement for their research.


10 Best Presenters

Previously, on 26th-28th, three pre-conference seminars with useful information on research and teaching shared by domestic and foreign speakers were conducted successfully on Cooperation between MoET, Ulis, Monash, La Trobe and Victoria of Wellington in international publications; Topics and methodological considerations in MA/doctoral studies; Writing journal articles for international publications; How to write and publish a book/monograph from a graduate thesis and Navigating Graduate Research in Vietnam and Australia: Comparative Narratives.